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JX tin ties cover a high quality glue on back with a very nice plastic feeling on surface, with many available colors for your choose to put on your bags, add higher value to your products as consumers love this reclosable feature and a better outlook. Also they are the best and cheapest solution for using and closing bags for a longer period, and therefore they are very popular. Kraft Tin Tie Bags, Tin Tie For Cookies Bag, Double Wire Nose Wire, Stick Double Wire,Nose Wire Manufacturer. All of our products insist on use food grade material with high quality glue and easy peal plastic cover makes it easy to apply by hand or machine on all plastic, all paper, or a combination of plastic/paper and tailored to the length you want. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Serbia, Bahamas,Thailand, Costa Rica.Jiaxu is one of the most leading manufacturers for tin ties and twist ties in China, with well-equipped with high-tech infrastructure and highly skilled personnel to meet the ever-changing requirements of the current market.

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