Single Wire Nose Wire for Face

Single wire metal size: 2.5mm/3mm/4mm

Wire Dimension: 0.5/0.6/0.7mm

Material: PE + Galvanize Metal Wire

Rolls: 1500m-2500m/roll

Packing: 3Rolls/Carton, Standard Export Cartons

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Single Wire Nose Wire is widely use on the disposable face masks, disposable medical face masks and 3ly face masks, Jiaxu insist on using brand new food grade plastic material & long life metal wire, in order to make sure the nose bridge with good performance on the bend and reuse and environmental protection.

Rolls for machine use:

Our rolls with price competitive paper rolls and high-speed plastic rolls are optional, wire inside with good lines in the roll without split or crossing, which in order to make sure your production smoothly and efficiency.

Single Wire Nose Wire (2)
Single Wire Nose Wire (1)

Single Pieces Nose wire:

We also can cut them into pieces for you, 9cm length is the most popular retail size pieces.

This kind of single wire nose wire with:

* Soft & Flexible: Rusting & tarnish free, can be bent easily and used for a long time; Great for craft projects and jewelry making.

* Features: Essential accessories for DIY making. It has the excellent property of bending and deforming with the action of external force, not rebounding without the action of external force, and keeping the existing shape unchanged.

Nose Bridge Strip for DIY making: Flexible adjustment and comfortable prefect for face and nose area.This straps is material for DIY making, you can make it at home and cut the length as needed.

Wide Application: The strips can be used as the bridge of the nose for a face cover.It is suitable for bundling bread bags, biscuit bags, candy bags, baked goods bags and other applications.Also used to fix bags, cables, organize wires, etc.There are multiple uses for any occasion, such as home, office, travel, gardening, holiday gifts.

If you are looking for a nose wire products for your face mask or retail, contact us for the possibility now!

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