Gardening Plastic-Coated Twist Tie Wire

JX Gardening plastic-coated Twist Tie Wire is made of metal wire coated in soft plastic, flexible to secure plants, vines and vegetables to supports at any angle.

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Big & Strong metal wire design can hold their shape and gentle on plant stems, can be repositioned as the plant grows. 

Gardening Plastic-Coated Twist Tie Wire-2
Gardening Plastic-Coated Twist Tie Wire-1

Great for supporting stems with no damage to the plants with quick installation.

Twist to hold in place - no tying needed.

Various color blends in naturally with garden plants.

Ideal for securing vines to trellis, tomatoes and vegetable to cages, and flowers to plant props.

Gardening Plastic-Coated Twist Tie Wire-3

Metal Diameter- 0.45/0.5/0.6/0.7/1.0mm in metal diameter, it’s thick and sturdy to secure a variety of plants, vines and flowers to stakes, a trellis, or decorative plant stands

Plastic coated shape - Various for your choose as below.

Details of specifications:

Colors - Besides green, you can consider any special color to decorating your plants, we also offer transparent color for your choose.

Package - Small Rolls or Cutting Pieces are available, with export carton packing and customized service is available for packing or ties design.

Multi-Purpose - Easy to cut into any sizes you want, the gardening wires also great as twist ties, gear ties or zip ties

Convenient to use - You can cut any length as you desire

Why Purchase From Jiaxu’s twist tie?

* Jiaxu is well-equipped with high-tech infrastructure and highly skilled personnel to meet the ever-changing requirements of the current market.

* Our products are designed to meet all international standards and are appreciated in the global area.

* The wide range shape designs of twist tie are offering for you to use on any field.

* With years experiences on this feild, we understand that customers demand and expect value for money that is why we have appointed highly trained supervisors in all departments to keep an eye on every step of manufacturing.

* We can ensure our customers with the best quality products, timely delivery, efficient client service, and reasonable prices to the end-users.

If you have any ideas on garden twist ties, please contact us now.

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