JX Knurling Surface Tin Ties

JX develop the tin tie with Knurling Surface, it is a better identify product on the bag, also good option for machine use because of the Knurling  Surface.

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Together with JX’s new golden plastic colors are definitely giving your bag a bright feeling, and it is a more competitive option compare to the metallic golden color on the markettoo.

Corrugated Surface Tin Ties had been proved to be more stable using on some brand's machine applicator, that's why we develop this kind of tin ties.

But actual JX's semi-auto applicator had came the 3rd generation, which have proof to be one of the best and more stable machine on the market now,  it had been widely in the factories around us and had been worked for years.

If you are considering the tin ties or even applicator to helps you, pls contact us now for more details!

JXTintie gold
JX Corrugate TIN TIE

JX tin tie with a very strong adhesive tape on back and high quality plastic cover, makes it easy to peel and stick on any kinds of the bag.

In order to make your packing more harmonious, JX are offering various avaliable colors and size, also offering customized service to make the suitable products to all kinds and sizes of the bags, send us your product size and color, we always can find the best solution for your products.

Belows are some of our present avaliable colors.

Tin Ties (11)
Tin Ties (12)
Tin Ties (13)
Tin Ties (14)
Tin Ties (15)
Tin Ties (16)
Tin Ties (17)
Tin Ties (18)
Tin Ties (19)
Tin Ties (20)
Tin Ties (21)
Tin Ties (22)

Advantages of JX Self-Adhesive Tin Ties

*Re-sealable: Clients can easily reseal the bags once they have been opened, another reason to buy your fresh products.
*Uniform look: Each bag looks well cared for because you can fold back the bags and close them with the tin ties as you wish.
*Longer storage: The bags can be closed again and again, so that the freshness of the content is still guaranteed.
*Easy to use: These tin ties are very easy to apply, thanks to the self-adhesive tin ties.

What length of tin ties should you choose?

JX tin ties are available as many as 20 sizes, from 9cm to 48cm, suitable for all kinds of the bags on the market.

The most popular 12cm ties are for bags with a maximum width of 8cm. 14cm ties are for bags between 8 and 12cm wide. There re tin ties of 18cm for bags wider than 12cm.

You need 2cm on each side in order to be able to use the tin tie comfortably. You take the width of the bag and add on 4cm to calculate the minimum length of the tin tie.

The chart below gives you a summary of the width/content of the bag with the corresponding location/length of tin tie. The location gives an indication of where you can best seal the tin tie in relation to the top.

Tin Ties (9)

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