Plastic twist tie for daily use

During the daily life, customer use and reuse twist ties for attaching labels and closing food and party bags. They used them to tie up or bundle cords, to close plastic bags of leftovers, and to throw away trash bags of shredded paper that can’t be recycled in the their daily life. Moisture resistant for outdoors or general use.

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You can adopt these portable twist ties to secure your scattered objects, make your office and room in neat and clean condition, practical tools for office worker, student and teacher.

JX twist tie soft coating protects plants yet is rigid enough to maintain its shape too. Bends and twists easily.

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Various Sizes and Design: With 0.4/0/5/0.6/0.7/1.0mm metal wire, single wire and double wire are available for different plastic coated shape.

JX Moulding Twist Tie-1

Various Colors: More than 20colors are available and customized design accept with a low MOQ.

Package: Small rolls and cutting pieces are offering, both packing with export cartons to ship.

High Quality: JX twist ties are very strong because of the steel wire inside of each one. Covered with nice plastic. They are very easy to twist in any direction and stay the way that you place them. it twists great, not flimsy like other ones.

Wide Usage: JX twist tie is great for many usage, like making crafts, tying bread bags, tying candy bags, fixing candles, tying coffee bag and tying some baked goods bags.

Good characteristics: JX twist ties for support has the excellent property of bending and deforming with the action of external force, not rebounding without the action of external force, and keeping the existing shape unchanged .

Environmentally Friendly: These bread twist ties are made of eco-frendly material, won't hurt your heath and no burden on the earth environment.

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