Strength plasticity twist tie

JX moulding twist ties are widely use on the toys, clothes, lights and etc. Soft plastic coating and strong metal wire inside can hold their shape very well. Lovely product no matter for DIY or Manufacturing using.

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JX now offering different sizes of the metal wire(0.4/0/5/0.6/0.7/1.0mm) with different plastic coated width, shape, single wire or double wire are available, in order to meet different usages.

We insist on use the high quality plastic coated, which to make sure there is no smelly, premium plastic surface treatment can even putting the wire outside.

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On toys, JX moulding wire use on the making the basic structures inside the bear, kids can bend to make it sit, stand or even sleep, whatever she wants. And it is only one of the huge ways use on the toys, ther are also widely use on many other products intent to keep in a shape.

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For Clothes, add JX moulding wire can make a better shape on any position, which can make sure it is in the best condition, like the hat and collars.

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For the lights, not only widely on Christmas Tree but also in all the plants, can use the molding wire to make a better shape. Also could binding gifts or other things on it.

There are more ideas are waiting for you to find and put on your products. If you have any new, please contact us now, and let’s put it into practice.

Why Our Clients Trust Us?

• Jiaxu is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of twist tie for over 10years

• With our years’ experience, our company has achieved tremendous progress in global markets.

• Jiaxu consistently maintains international standards of quality in our products, which exceeds all the specifications & needs, expectations of our esteemed customers.

• Our company strives to raise the benchmarks of our quality standards. This is done through continuous improvement initiatives at our production unit.

• All the quality checks are strictly implemented as well as vigilantly followed by the quality control team of our company.

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