How to use tin tie easily?

People’s requirements for the life quality are increasing today, regardless of in a traditional industry or a new, product’s appearance, quality and more convenient are the most important factors for them.

As Packaging industry accessories manufacturers, Jiaxu is always following, develop the most suitable products for our customers, to make the packing easier and more convenient, JX tin tie is one of them!

Tin Ties are easy for customers to apply, easy and ideal product for store foods, nuts, coffee bean and tea in a fresh condition. Also a nice and new element adding on your packing to make it as a gift.

Tin tie easy use as below

1. Peel the plastic cover on back

2. Stick on a bag

3. Folding the bag in one direction

4. Bend the ends of tin tie to fix

5. Now the food inside the bag with a longer fresh time.

The bag can folding more while the food inside is consuming, then the bag will become smaller.

How to use tin tie

Wide range of uses for tin tie

Tin tie start using on the coffee bags, as the easy apply, longer fresh keeping feature and nice outlook, now it is a new packing element to all kinds of the bags, and widely use on different ways, such as tea bag, snack bag, pet food or even clothes packing etc.

How to use tin tie2

And it also can fix in the pot after bend the tin tie end, a ideal and cheaper seal way compare to the traditional ones.

How to use tin tie3

If you are considering add the tin ties on your product, contact us now, it is a good features to help your sales.

How to use tin tie4

Tea Bag Sealing

How to use tin tie5

Coffee Bag Sealing

How to use tin tie6

Snack Bag Sealing

How to use tin tie7

Kraft Paper Bag Sealing

How to use tin tie8

Pet Food Bag Sealing

How to use tin tie9

Sealing Bag in the pot

Post time: Aug-17-2021