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Jiaxu had focus on developing,manufacturing and improving adhesive tin ties for more than 10years, with our brands JXTINTIE, Jiaxu & Jlock, b’cos JX TIN TIE with premium plastic surface, strength and easy peel cover, strong adhesive on back, insist on use brand new raw material with food grade standard, now it also had been widely sale to South America Countries, USA, Indonesia and Middle East Countries. N95 Nose Wire, Compostable Tin Tie Bags, Machine Use Tin Tie, Tin Tie Supplier,Coffee Bag Closures For Masks. JX Tin TIE NOW with Corrugate/ Knurling Surface, it is a better identify product on the bag, a good option for machine use because of the Corrugate/ Knurling Surface. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,kazakhstan, Indonesia,Honduras, Bangladesh.Jiaxu is one of the most leading manufacturers for tin ties and twist ties in China, with well-equipped with high-tech infrastructure and highly skilled personnel to meet the ever-changing requirements of the current market.

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